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Adjust readme to reflect improved chado container

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......@@ -29,23 +29,16 @@ tripal:
- "3000:80"
image: postgres:9.4
image: erasche/chado:latest
# The default chado image would try to install the schema on first run,
# we just want the GMOD tools to be available.
- /var/lib/postgresql/data
- /var/lib/postgresql/9.4/
## Notes
It should be linked to a postgres container, instead of my chado
container. This is for a couple of reasons, namely my container won't
behave properly if you mount a volume and that's bad. Additionally, chado
is installed into the public schema in those containers (I mean, that
makes sense, right?), however Tripal expects Chado in a `chado` schema. My
[chado schema builder](
now accounts for that and generates multiple images.
## Contributing
Please submit all issues and pull requests to the [erasche/docker-tripal]( repository!
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