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| structures | Directory containing structural (homology) models for sequences in the analysis in .pdb format. File names should have the format 'accession_model.pdb' for homology-modelled structures, and 'accession.pdb' for crystal structures. Accessions should match the accessions in data.txt. |
| tree.txt | A phylogenetic tree in newick format. Leaf nodes should be labelled with the accessions specified in data.txt. |
All these files, with the exception of data.txt and smiles.tsv, can be automatically generated with turterra-build from a .fasta file containing the sequences you wish to analyse (use accessions of your choice as header), and a folder containing .pdb structures for homology modelling.
## Running turterra-build
Turterra-build uses [Muscle]( (default settings) for sequence alignment, [FastTree]( (default settings) for phylogenetic tree construction, [Modeller]( (250 models per sequence) for homology modelling, and Caretta for structure alignment. Turterra-build is run as follows:
Usage: turterra-build [OPTIONS]
--fasta. [required] .fasta file containing all sequences
to analyse, using accessions as headers.
--build-models / --no-build-models
Run modeller to construct homology models
using MODELLER v10.0. [default: False]
--build-alignment / --no-build-alignment
Build a multiple sequence alignment using
Muscle v3.8. [default: False]
--alignment Multiple sequence alignment. Required if
--build_alignment is false. [default: '']
--build-tree / --no-build-tree Build phylogenetic tree using FastTree
v2.1.10. [default: False]
--model-templates. Directory containing templates for homology
modelling in .pdb format. Required if
--model is passed. [default: '']
--num-threads. Number of threads used for homology
modelling. [default: 1]
--help Show this message and exit.
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