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# Turterra
A portal for protein families
Turterra is a portal for analysing protein families. It consists of two main parts: turterra, which runs a web portal from a folder tree, and turterra-build, which creates any files in the folder tree that may be missing from a .fasta file and a directory containing templates for homology modelling.
## Installation
Turterra and turterra-build are installed together as follows:
First, we recommend you install [Anaconda]( or [Miniconda]( Then, create a new conda environment for turterra and activate it:
conda create -n turterra python=3.9
conda activate turterra
Next, clone the turterra repository into a location of your choice, navigate to the folder, and install turterra.
conda install -c bioconda epa-ng hmmer muscle fasttree
git clone
cd turterra
pip install .
The majority of turterra's dependencies are installed through the provided file. However, some dependencies will need to be installed through conda.
conda install -c bioconda epa-ng hmmer muscle fasttree
Congratulations! Turterra was installed!
##Turterra folder architecture
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