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Library added with tools that help to plot maps

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# Copyright (c) 2004-2021 WUR, Wageningen
"""MapPlotLib - a Python library with tools that help to plot maps"""
import re
from shapely.geometry import Polygon
from descartes import PolygonPatch
import numpy as np
class IntervalLegend():
intervals = []
colors = []
minval = 0.0 # default
maxval = 1.0 # default
def __get_min_value(self):
result = min([cls[0] for cls in self.intervals])
return result
def __get_max_value(self):
result = max([cls[1] for cls in self.intervals])
return result
def __init__(self, intervals, colors):
# Process input
self.intervals = intervals
self.colors = colors
# Check that intervals and colors match somehow
if len(intervals) != len(colors):
raise ValueError("Number of intervals and number of colors not the same!")
# Check given intervals
for interval in self.intervals:
if interval[0] > interval[1]:
raise ValueError("Invalid interval: " + str(interval))
eps = 0.0000000001
for i in range(len(self.intervals) - 1):
curcls = self.intervals[i]
nextcls = self.intervals[i+1]
if abs(curcls[1] - nextcls[0]) > eps:
raise ValueError("At least one gap found in given intervals!")
# Check given colors
expr = r'^#(?:[0-9a-fA-F]{3}){1,2}$'
for color in colors:
if not, color):
raise ValueError("Invalid color code: " + color)
# Finally calculate minimum and maximum values
self.minval = self.__get_min_value()
self.maxval = self.__get_max_value()
def get_color(self, value):
# Check input
if self.minval > value or value > self.maxval:
raise ValueError("Index not in range [%s:%s] as expected!" % (self.minval, self.maxval))
# Assign an appropriate color
result = self.colors[-1]
for cls, color in zip(self.intervals, self.colors):
if cls[0] <= value and value < cls[1]:
result = color
return result
def get_html(self, fmt, title=""):
result = ''
if fmt == 'table':
# Assume a horizontal table is required
result += '<table cellpadding="5" border="0">\n'
result + '<tr>\n'
if title != '': result += '<td><strong>' + title + '</strong>&nbsp;</td>\n'
for cls, color in zip(self.intervals, self.colors):
result += '<td style="background:%s">%s - %s</td>\n' % (color, cls[0], cls[1])
result += '</tr>\n'
result += '</table>\n'
else: raise ValueError("Format %s not implemented" % fmt)
return result
def get_colored_patch(listwithcoords, fillcolor, edgecolor):
# The result can be added to the current axes of a matplotlib figure by means of the method add_patch
polygon = Polygon(np.array(listwithcoords))
result = PolygonPatch(polygon, fc=fillcolor, ec=edgecolor, alpha=1.0)
return result
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