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This project environment will contain the code of the H2020 GenTORE project (
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This project environment will contain the code of the H2020 GenTORE project (
## Context
GenTore aims at developing tools for monitoring and phenotyping of resilience and efficiency. WP3 specifically focuses on on-farm tools to phenotype proxies of resilience & efficiency, based on resilience and efficiency proxies from precision livestock measures in housed and extensive environments.
### T3.1 - on-farm tools based on commerically available sensors
## Codes
### Sensor features - Type B
- **F1_RankResilience.m**: Calculates the ranking of all animals for which the lifetime performance is available based on their resilience performance
- **F2_SensorFeatures.m**: Calculates sensor features based on daily activity and daily milk production data
- **F3_ActivityFeatures.m**: Calculates sensor features based on activity data only
- **IsoPert.m**: detects milk yield perturbations and puts them in a table together with their characteristics
- **kmo.m**: Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin Measure of Sampling Adequacy- tests a degree of common variance
- **LacFeat2.m**: alternative feature calculations (milk yield)
- **Pattern.m**: detects patterns in a time series
- **S2_PredictFirstLactationSF.m**: prediction of the SF with the models (output = Adriaens et al. 2020)
### Core sensor features - Type A
**F4_CoreSF.m**: as developed by @Wijbrand Ouweltjes
## Data
A sample data set can be requested via
## Resources
Adriaens, I., Friggens, N., Ouweltjes, W., Scott, H., Aernouts, B., Statham, J. with Adriaens, I. (corresp. author) (2020). Productive lifespan and resilience rank can be predicted from on-farm first parity sensor time series but not using a common equation across farms. JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE, 103 (8), 7155-7171. doi: 10.3168/jds.2019-17826
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