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Generic instructions and documentation concerning the Leuven virtual tour
| Name | URL | Branch |
| Development | | Develop |
| Production | | Master |
**Note:** This repository implements git LFS for PDF, images and videos.
## Implemented
Places implementing.
- [](
- [](
Running local server
## How it works
Local server (``) was rewritten to python3 (`3.8.4`), using the python3 `http.server` and `socketserver`, both packages are part of basic python3 distribution.
This application will be automatically deployed to the development environment when a commit within the `develop` branch has a commit message that starts with either:
To run locally:
The script binds to port `80`, it may require permissions to bind to a low port number. If so, change port number to `8080` or anything above `1024`, or sudo.
For example:
`git commit -m 'fix: Typo in maps.html'`
`git commit -m 'feat: Added new page contact.html'`
Local docker build
## Details
Script `` build and runs a local docker image.
When using the prefixes as shown above in front of your commit message, a process is automatically started. This process will automate the following:
1. Tag your commit with a subsequent version number [PROD ONLY]
2. Build and tag a container with this version number [DEV gets a unique SHA]
3. Push the container to [our centralised repository](
4. Modify `kustomization.yaml` manifest in [k8s-deployments repository]( to deploy the new container to the [Development environment](
## From Development to Production
If you're happy with the Development version and want to deploy it to Production, just merge your changes to master.
Tour is run from OC, project leuven:
## Persistent volumes
#Note that there are some mis-confusion with image names and locations
oc project leuven
Deployment implements a persistant volume for folder `www/videos` as those are big files.
docker build -t .
docker push
oc import-image leuven:latest
Currentely sync to folder has be be done manually. Ticket `leuven#1` will make it automatically.
The docker image contains a video folder that considerable increases the image size and the time for deployment: `./www/videos` this has been changed into using a pod container that will contain a permanent version of the videos.
## Running local server
Website is plain JS/HTML any local serving server can be used.
Google tour key
## Local docker build
The google tour key is associated to the ``
To run a local docker instance:
docker build --no-cache -t leuven .
docker run -p8080:8080
## Google tour key
The google tour key is associated to the ``
......@@ -61,26 +77,25 @@ The key is used on `index.html` around line 30:
Google tour medatainfo
## Google tour medatainfo
Checking on the network console (browser) we have the [GeoPhotoService.GetMetadata](!1m5!1sapiv3!5sUS!11m2!1m1!1b0!2m2!1sen!2sUS!3m3!1m2!1e10!2sAF1QipN8WM2np43B5Ze7P_A3_Ftc_EYPWRYV6BbFWmzl!4m6!1e1!1e2!1e3!1e4!1e8!1e6&callback=_xdc_._vlmdra) url that contains metadata of the tour:
Checking on the network console (browser) we have the [GeoPhotoService.GetMetadata](!1m5!1sapiv3!5sUS!11m2!1m1!1b0!2m2!1sen!2sUS!3m3!1m2!1e10!2sAF1QipN8WM2np43B5Ze7P_A3_Ftc_EYPWRYV6BbFWmzl!4m6!1e1!1e2!1e3!1e4!1e8!1e6&callback=_xdc_._vlmdra) url that contains metadata of the tour:
## Panoid
Panoid is used on `tour.js` to start the tour and then on `leuven_tour.json` to define the icon location. Therefore the icon location on the tour is defined by this specific id. Looking at the tour on a browser the current panoid can be obtain on the console, inspecting object `panorama.location`
>> panorama.location
Google has new documentation concerning the customization of streeview: [here](
Development Notes
## Development Notes
Hierbij de files voor de virtuele tour
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