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| Name | URL | Branch |
| Development | | Master |
| Production | | Develop |
## How it works
This application will be automatically deployed to the development environment when a commit within the `develop` branch has a commit message that starts with either:
For example:
`git commit -m 'fix: Typo in maps.html'`
`git commit -m 'feat: Added new page contact.html'`
## Details
When using the prefixes as shown above in front of your commit message, a process is automatically started. This process will automate the following:
1. Tag your commit with a subsequent version number [PROD ONLY]
2. Build and tag a container with this version number [DEV gets a unique SHA]
3. Push the container to [our centralised repository](
4. Modify `kustomization.yaml` manifest in [k8s-deployments repository]( to deploy the new container to the [Development environment](
## From Development to Production
If you're happy with the Development version and want to deploy it to Production, just merge your changes to master.
>The version that's currently running on Development will now be automatically deployed to Production
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