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......@@ -31,8 +31,10 @@ We set other variables necessary for the WCS call for all kinds of requests
wcs_path = paste0("",voi,".map") # Path to the WCS. See
wcs_service = "SERVICE=WCS"
wcs_version = "VERSION=2.0.1"
wcs_version = "VERSION=2.0.1" # Only for gdal >=2.3. Use wcs_version = "VERSION=1.1.1"` for gdal < 2.3.x
Use `wcs_version = "VERSION=2.0.1"` for gdal >= 2.3.x and `wcs_version = "VERSION=1.1.1"` for gdal < 2.3.x
## Example 1: Describe the coverage layer
###### 1. First we define the request as `DescribeCoverage` and we create a string for the full request using also the variables previously defined
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