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Prioritized labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.
  • high
    ISRIC / wocat
    High priority issue
  • Dev: Ready
    ISRIC / wocat
    Feature is specified and ready for development
  • Other labels

  • Definition
    ISRIC / wocat
    These tickets need to be specified further, before they can be developed
  • Ready to deploy
    ISRIC / wocat
    These items were reviewed and are ready to be deployed to the production instance
  • Review on staging
    ISRIC / wocat
    These items are developed and have to be reviewed by WOCAT
  • backlog
    ISRIC / wocat
    Backlog issues and comments
  • bug
    ISRIC / wocat
    Bugs, Issues that don't work as they should
  • in-progress
    ISRIC / wocat
    Issue under active work or being solved (#6699cc) ready - Issue or topic that have been concluded but r
  • low
    ISRIC / wocat
    Low priority issue
  • to_discuss
    ISRIC / wocat / wocat-web