Commit 9ee39309 authored by IngridHaas's avatar IngridHaas
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renam staff to staffsub

Former-commit-id: 5d427492
Former-commit-id: 592123e330c47b1f39019ef901f7e1aaf02b0133 [formerly 721305cbd89e99e0d709abc1cef3d232146935bc]
Former-commit-id: 27cd4cb58865c04bac57bd5a60081ff5809b75ee
parent 8846cc12
......@@ -140,13 +140,13 @@
<div data-toggle="collapse" href="#staff" class="pointercss">
<div data-toggle="collapse" href="#staffsub" class="pointercss">
staff &nbsp;<span
class="glyphicon glyphicon-triangle-right"></span>
<div class="collapse" id="staff">
<div class="collapse" id="staffsub">
<p class="fontspacecss">Stephan Mantel
<img src="images/misc/StephanMantel.jpg"/></br>
Head of World Soil Museum, Curator of physical collections
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