Commit 3000f760 authored by Jorge Navarro Muñoz's avatar Jorge Navarro Muñoz
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Added acyl_amino_acids as part of the Others BiG-SCAPE class

parent a9789ec5
......@@ -462,7 +462,7 @@ def domtable_parser(gbk, dom_file):
def sort_bgc(product):
"""Sort BGC by its type. Uses AntiSMASH annotations
# PKS_Type I
if product == 't1pks':
......@@ -498,7 +498,7 @@ def sort_bgc(product):
return("Others") # other hybrid
# Others
elif product in set(['arylpolyene', 'aminocoumarin', 'ectoine', 'butyrolactone', 'nucleoside', 'melanin', 'phosphoglycolipid', 'phenazine', 'phosphonate', 'other', 'cf_putative', 'resorcinol', 'indole', 'ladderane', 'PUFA', 'furan', 'hserlactone', 'fused', 'cf_fatty_acid', 'siderophore', 'blactam']):
elif product in set(['acyl_amino_acids', 'arylpolyene', 'aminocoumarin', 'ectoine', 'butyrolactone', 'nucleoside', 'melanin', 'phosphoglycolipid', 'phenazine', 'phosphonate', 'other', 'cf_putative', 'resorcinol', 'indole', 'ladderane', 'PUFA', 'furan', 'hserlactone', 'fused', 'cf_fatty_acid', 'siderophore', 'blactam']):
# ??
elif product == "":
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