Commit adb08396 authored by Kautsar, Satria's avatar Kautsar, Satria
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Merge branch 'html_visualization' into 'master'

Fix bug when there is only 1 BGC in a class

See merge request medema-group/BiG-SCAPE!28
parents 15c0ce69 2dde10af
......@@ -3076,9 +3076,6 @@ if __name__=="__main__":
bgc = clusterNames[idx]
product = bgc_info[bgc].product
network_annotation_file.write("\t".join([bgc, bgc_info[bgc].accession_id, bgc_info[bgc].description, product, sort_bgc(product), bgc_info[bgc].organism, bgc_info[bgc].taxonomy]) + "\n")
if len(BGC_classes[bgc_class]) < 2:
print(" Calculating all pairwise distances")
if has_query_bgc:
......@@ -3176,6 +3173,9 @@ if __name__=="__main__":
del network_matrix[row_idx]
del network_matrix_set_del[:]
if len(BGC_classes[bgc_class]) < 2:
print(" Writing output files")
pathBase = os.path.join(network_files_folder, bgc_class)
filenames = []
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