Commit bd6b7ee6 authored by Jorge Navarro Muñoz's avatar Jorge Navarro Muñoz
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Lift a restriction to use many-orf files

An internal array was limited to holding 1-byte unsigned numbers. This
effectively meant that your inpufiles could not contain more than 266
parent a2706d05
......@@ -2552,7 +2552,7 @@ if __name__=="__main__":
orf_keys = {}
for outputbase in baseNames:
DomainCountGene[outputbase] = array('B')
corebiosynthetic_position[outputbase] = array('B')
corebiosynthetic_position[outputbase] = array('H')
BGCGeneOrientation[outputbase] = array('b')
pfdFile = os.path.join(pfd_folder, outputbase + ".pfd")
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