Commit a4b50473 authored by Jorge Navarro Muñoz's avatar Jorge Navarro Muñoz


Having a single GCF prevented GCC calling, but also exited the rest of
the function that writes the clustering and visualization results. Now
results are properly written in that specific case.
parent f4e6023e
......@@ -1723,8 +1723,7 @@ def clusterJsonBatch(bgcs, pathBase, className, matrix, pos_alignments, cutoffs=
# Detect if there's only 1 GCF. It makes pySAPC crash
if len(familyIdx) == 1:
clanLabels = [1]
#famSimMatrix = lil_matrix((len(familyIdx), len(familyIdx)), dtype=np.float32)
famSimMatrix = np.zeros((len(familyIdx), len(familyIdx)), dtype=np.float32)
familiesExt2Int = {gcfExtIdx:gcfIntIdx for gcfIntIdx,gcfExtIdx in enumerate(familyIdx)}
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