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Update with Git installation instructions.

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# WSG Git Training
## Install Git
1. Download latest version from
2. Right click on the Git-x.xx.x.exe and choose "WUR-run with administrative rights". Install Git on your machine by followinging the installation wizard. The default options should be fine for most users.
3. Now open a Command Prompt. You can use either Git Bash or Windows Command Prompt. To open Windows Command prompt:
1. Press the Windows button on your keyboard.
2. Type `cmd` and press Enter.
4. Type `git --version` in your command window to see wether Git is installed correctly. It should print something like:
``` console
> git --version
git version
5. Type `git config --global "Your Name"` to set your name. Next type `git config --global "Your E-Mail"` to set your e-mail. If it is done correctly `git config` and `git config` should show something like:
> git config
Lisanne Nauta
> git config
6. Now you are ready to user Git!
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