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| |<div style="width:1px"></div>| <div style="width:500px"></div> |
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| | |**Vittorio Saggiomo** <br> *Assistant Professor* <br> BioNanoTechnology, WUR|
| ![Profile Picture Vittorio](/profilepicsmembers/Vit.jpg)| |**Vittorio Saggiomo** <br> *Assistant Professor* <br> BioNanoTechnology, WUR|
Repeatability and reproducibility are the main foundation of science. However, although the computer and internet advancements, sharing knowledge, data, experimental set-ups, and so on is still at the same level, if not worse, than hundreds of years ago. Why are scientists not openly sharing methods for reproducing their research? Or raw data of their experiments? Why, with all the electronic tools we have at our disposal nowadays, is sharing scientific knowledge still lacking?
I don’t have good answers to these questions, but we can change this attitude together using Open Science.
I am mainly focussing on Open Hardware development.
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......@@ -12,13 +12,9 @@ url: /lighthouse/
| -----------| ----------- |
| With the Open Science Lighthouse Award, we want to celebrate and reward WUR researchers and researchers from associated institutes (e.g., NIOO-KNAW) who have used open practices and tools to make their research more transparent, accessible and reproducible. <br> <br> We hope that the Open Science success stories of WUR researchers encourage more colleagues to open their research and promote the bottom-up adoption of open science practices across the science groups and research institutes. |![Lighthouse with text: Win the first Open Science Lighthouse Award](/images/lighthouse_txt.jpg) |
## Submission is open
## Submission is closed
You can either submit your own Open Science case story to apply for the Lighthouse Award or you can nominate a colleague. There are two separate submission forms. Submission is open for students, researchers and support staff on all levels.
[Submit your **own case** via this form](
[Nominate a **colleague** via this form](
### **Closing date for submission: 25 April 2022**
## Present your case at the OSC-W launch event
......@@ -14,11 +14,14 @@ url: /events/launch/
The Open Science Community Wageningen invites researchers, students, supporting staff and anyone that is interested to the official launch event. We would like to welcome colleagues from WUR and NIOO-KNAW.
# Please sign up [here](
Registration deadline: 6. May 2022
## A glimpse into the programme
*Further details will follow*
- Opening
- Presentation by Elisabeth Bik, PhD
- Presentation by Vittorio Saggiomo
- Presentation by Edoardo Saccenti
- Presentation by Elisabeth Bik
- Open Science story telling
- [Lighthouse Award](
- Experience from other OSCs
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