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......@@ -51,11 +51,6 @@ I believe that Open Science can truly open the doors for a positive transformati
As a master's student, I asked a team of authors for their questionnaire and never received a response. This lack of transparency frustrated me and made my work more difficult. As researchers, we stand on the shoulders of giants. I believe that Open Science can help us reach even higher and further.
| |<div style="width:1px"></div>| <div style="width:500px"></div> |
| ----------- |-| ----------- |
| | |**Mark Sterken** <br> *Assistant Professor* <br> Laboratory of Nematology, WUR|
| |<div style="width:1px"></div>| <div style="width:500px"></div> |
| ----------- |-| ----------- |
| ![Profile Picture Murilo](/profilepicsmembers/Murilo.jpg)| |**Murilo de Almeida Furtado** <br> *PhD Candidate* <br> Business Economics, WUR|
......@@ -75,3 +70,5 @@ I am mainly focussing on Open Hardware development.
| |<div style="width:1px"></div>| <div style="width:500px"></div> |
| ----------- |-| ----------- |
| | |**Yann de Mey** <br> *Associate Professor* <br> Business Economics, WUR|
I am passionate about helping support good open science practices as I believe researchers/educators should invest their time at the frontier of the field rather than being forced to re-invent the wheel several times. With this initiative, I hope we can inspire and support many colleagues to openly share their materials, data, manuscripts and many things beyond rather than making them “available upon reasonable request”.
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