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## Step 3. Clone this repository
- Run ```cd C:/path/to/your/folder/``` to go to the parent folder for your project folder
The following command will create the project folder for you.
- Run ```git clone``` and see what happens.
- Run ```git clone```
## Step 4. Authenticate yourself
## Step 4. Push your changes to the remote
When you make changes to the contents of a repo, and you want to apply them to the project,
you can **push** your changes to the remote.
- Make a changes to the repo, such as adding a line to the or creating a new file.
- Open a terminal and go to the project directory.
- Run ```git add .```; note the space and period at the end of the command
This command adds your changes to a new **commit** (a set of changes).
If you change more things after running this command,
run it again to add the newly made changes too.
- Run ```git commit -m "short description of the changes in this commit"```
The ```-m``` flag signals that you want to add a message to the commit.
The message is important when you want to find back these changes later on.
- Run ```git push origin master``` to push **your** commits to ****.
Here, **origin** refers to the remote at
and **master** refers to the branch on the remote that your changes apply to.
- Read the response in the terminal. Were you allowed to change the master branch at
## Step 5. Authenticate yourself
In the previous step, you ran a command to download data from the Git repo at WUR,
which is a secured environment.
You need to authenticate yourself as a WUR user to access from the terminal.
> TODO: add steps for authentication by trying this with a new user.
For Windows:
- open the Start menu
- type ```credential manager``` and hit Enter
- next to **Generic Credentials**, click **Add a generic credential**
- Address: ```git:```
- User name: your WUR e-mail address
- Password: your WUR account password
Now, close and restart the terminal and try **pushing** again.
When you commit changes from your local repo to the remote,
your identity is sent along with it.
This is how everybody knows who did what in the project.
## Step 5. Pulling changes from the remote
Once you have your local copy in place,
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