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# Getting Git
## Step 1. Install Git
Now that the project is created, we have a **repository** to browse.
A repository is the place where your project files are.
Right now, **GitLab** @ is the only place where your new project
and its `````` file are located.
You can clone this remote repository to your computer,
but for that you will need **Git**.
Follow the steps [here]( to install Git.
## Step 2. Authenticate yourself
When you commit changes from your local repo to the remote,
your identity is sent along with it.
This is how everybody knows who did what in the project.
## Step 3. Clone project
- Open a Git Bash terminal
- Run ```pwd``` to print your current location in the file system
- Run ```cd C:/etc/etc/``` to go to the parent folder for your project folder
- Run ```git clone
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