Commit 14cc7c1c authored by Roelofsen, Hans's avatar Roelofsen, Hans
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dummy edits for branch testing'

parent 41a59c92
......@@ -84,9 +84,10 @@ dk.loc[dk.mnp_land_type_q.notna(), :].to_clipboard(sep=';', index=False)
'''5. Reporting'''
sp_done = len(set(dk.loc[dk.land_type_q.notna(), 'sp_name']))
bt_done = len(set(dk.loc[dk.land_type_q.notna(), 'BT']))
sp_done = len(set(dk.loc[dk.dk_ww.notna(), 'sp_name']))
bt_done = len(set(dk.loc[dk.dk_ww.notna(), 'BT']))
sp_all = len(set(dk.sp_name))
bt_all = len(set(dk.BT))
u_bt = len(set(asso_x_bts.BT)) # nr of unique Beheertypen in WW's excel
u_sp = len(set(asso_x_sps.Soortnaam)) # nr of unique species in WW's excel
r_sp = len(set(mnp_sp_nms.Scientific_name).intersection(set(asso_x_sps.Soortnaam)))
......@@ -211,3 +211,7 @@ def draagkracht_ww(frequentie, trouw):
def say_hi():
"""Dummy functie voor branch test01"""
print('Hello there!')
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