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Plant validatie data

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Script om de De Vegetatie van Nederland (DVN) gegevens geschikt te maken voor gebruik in autom. MNP validatie
Input formatering:
vegNED2020_header.csv (plot header data)
vegNED2020_species.csv (plot species inventory)
Gewenste formatering
Species_Code, Uurhok_ID, COUNT
Sxxxxx, xxxx_yyyy, q
door: Hans Roelofsen, november 2020
import pandas as pd
from sample.mnp import helpers as hlp
headers_src = r'\\wur\dfs-root\PROJECTS\QMAR\MNP-SNL-Validation2019\TUrboveg data\vegNED2020_header.csv'
species_src = r'\\wur\dfs-root\PROJECTS\QMAR\MNP-SNL-Validation2019\TUrboveg data\vegNED2020_species.csv'
# read dvn headers and add uurhok identification
headers = pd.read_csv(headers_src, sep='\t',
usecols=['PlotObservationID', 'PlotID', 'Datum opname', 'X-Coordinaat (m)', 'Y-Coordinaat (m)'])
headers.set_index(keys='PlotObservationID', drop=False, verify_integrity=True)
headers.rename(mapper={'X-Coordinaat (m)': 'x', 'Y-Coordinaat (m)': 'y'}, inplace=True, axis=1)
headers.dropna(subset=['x', 'y'], inplace=True)
headers['coord'] = list(zip(headers.x, headers.y))
headers['uh_id'] = headers.coord.apply(hlp.pnt2square_id, size=5000, of='brief')
# read plot inventories
species = pd.read_csv(species_src, sep='\t', usecols=['PlotObservationID', 'Species name'])
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