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We created our own dataset called **APPLE_MOTS** related to the [KITTI_MOTS dataset][Kitti_MOTS] of [TrackR-CNN][TrackR-CNN_MOTS] (persons and cars).
Images and annotations of APPLE_MOTS can be downloaded [here][data].
![](visualizations/dataset_1.png) ![](visualizations/dataset_2.png) ![](visualizations/dataset_3.png)
![](visualizations/dataset_4.png) ![](visualizations/dataset_5.png) ![](visualizations/dataset_6.png)
![](visualizations/dataset_7.png) ![](visualizations/dataset_8.png) ![](visualizations/dataset_9.png)
## Custom dataset
If you want to apply TrackR-CNN to your own custom dataset. Make sure that the following requirements are fulfilled:
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