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## Tuning
Tuning will be used to find the most suitable parameters to detect and track your objects. A random search approach is been applied on the training dataset (`train.seqmap`) and will be validated on your validation set (`val.seqmap`).
Both the training and validation sequences should be stored in the `train` folder ("KITTI_segtrack_data_dir"). In order to specify the sequences for training and testing please follow this procedure:
- Go to home folder/mots_tools/mots_eval/
- Go to TrackR-CNN/mots_tools/mots_eval/
- Open train.seqmap and val.seqmap
- Add the sequences for training (train.seqmap) and validation (val.seqmap) according to the following format:
- `<seq_id> empty <start_frame> <end_frame>`
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