Commit 9ba799c0 authored by Woude, Auke van der's avatar Woude, Auke van der
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removed superfluous function

parent 30894788
......@@ -537,19 +537,6 @@ class STILTObservationOperator(ObservationOperator):
delta_14CO2 = (Asn * np.exp(lambda_14CO2 * dt_obs) / Aabs -1) * 1000.# per mille
return delta_14CO2
def get_nc_variable(self, file, fluxname, dtype):
"""Helper function that gets the values from an nc file
file: str: filename of the nc file of which the value should be taken
fluxname: str: name of the variable in the file
np.ndarray: the values in the nc file"""
data = nc.Dataset(file)
fluxmap = data[fluxname][:]
fluxmap = fluxmap.astype(dtype)
return fluxmap
def run_forecast_model(self,dacycle,do_pseudo,adv):'Preparing run...')
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