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      Slight update in README · 3fd6d850
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      Fixed some bugs in the GK calculation: · 69bbc420
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      - Order list of domains by their absolute position (not their internal
      position within the feature)
      - Choose all possible pairs of domains in GK calculation. Before, the last
      nbhood-1 domains were missing from the pair-choosing
      - Fixed skewed values in the GK index. The absolute value of Ns-Nr meant that
      only values in the range [0.5,1.0] were being obtained. Values close to 0
      mean the most difference in order of domains (all shared pairs are reversed)
      whereas values close to 1 mean least difference (all shared pairs are in the
      same order)
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      Specify location of Pfam files: · 858cdf27
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      Use parameter --pfam_dir to specify location of hmmpress-procesed pfam files
      (.h3f, .h3i, .h3m and .h3p). If parameter is not given, default is to look
      in the same place as the BiG-SCAPE script.
      Thanks to Alex Cristofaro for helping with this!
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      Updated README · d129fa41
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      Added parameter --skip_mafft and a few other things: · 10e83013
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      - Parameter --skip_mafft is intended to be used when it's necessary to
      recalculate distance (most probably by changing the nbhood parameter). It's
      necessary to have: the original gbk files; the .pfs files; the .domtable files;
      the BGCs.dict and DMS.dict files
      - If any of the 'skip' parameters is activated, genbank_parser_hmmscan() no
      longer reads and parses fasta sequences from the genbank files.
      - --skip_all now recalculates logscore, distance and squared similarity in
      case that the user has submitted new weights for the Jaccard, DDS and GK
      - Minor other improvements in code, comments etc.
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      It's possible now to skip all calculations, among many other changes: · 64fa05ed
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      - There's now two possible settings to re-run BiG-SCAPE:
       * --skip_hmmscan
       * --skip_all
       The latter for just generating new network files
      - The --samples parameter is discarded. BiG-SCAPE will automatically create
      network files per sample in the case "S" is specified for --seqdist_networks or
      - The name of the samples (for use in the output network files) will be the
      name of the folder containing genbank files, so please take that into
      account when preparing the input directory. It's not valid also to repeat
      folder's names (e.g. day1/sample_pond, day2/sample_pond) and **strongly**
      discouraged to repeat genbank file's names
      - The network output files are no longer sorted by log2 score (this may
      change in the future)
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      Prepare code for Windows compatibility (especially paths) · 648d63a4
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      Prettyfied output
      Minor other stuff in the code
      Before being tested on Windows, code was checked against [previous version](https://git.wageningenur.nl/yeong001/BGC_networks/commit/3d213c640a8ca3c4a9e16c909ad9cfd2cc498a7f) using the following genbank files from MiBIG (v1.2, renamed with name of the class and compound):
      * Cyanobactins.BGC0000477_patellin2-3.gbk
      * Lanthipeptides_I.BGC0000538_nisin_z.gbk
      * Lanthipeptides_I.BGC0000547_salivaricin_9.gbk
      * Lanthipeptides_I.BGC0000548_salivaricin_a.gbk
      * Lanthipeptides_I.BGC0000549_salivaricin_d.gbk
      * Lanthipeptides_I.BGC0000550_salivaricin_g32.gbk
      * Lanthipeptides_I.BGC0000624_salivaricin_crl1328_alpha-beta_peptide.gbk
      * Lanthipeptides_II.BGC0000508_epidermin.gbk
      * Lanthipeptides_II.BGC0000514_gallidermin.gbk
      * Lanthipeptides_III.BGC0000506_entianin.gbk
      * Lanthipeptides_III.BGC0000511_ericin_s.gbk
      * Lanthipeptides_III.BGC0000559_subtilin.gbk
      * Lanthipeptides_IV.BGC0000529_microbisporicin_a2.gbk
      * Lanthipeptides_IV.BGC0000544_planosporicin.gbk
      * Linaridins.BGC0000582_cypemycin.gbk
      * Linaridins.BGC0000583_grisemycin.gbk
      * Microcins.BGC0000586_microcin_E492.gbk
      * Microcins.BGC0000587_microcin_H47.gbk
      * Microcins.BGC0000589_microcin_m.gbk
      * Microviridins.BGC0000592_microviridin_b.gbk
      * Microviridins.BGC0000593_microviridin_j.gbk
      * Microviridins.BGC0000594_microviridin_k.gbk
      * Thiopeptides_I.BGC0000604_GE2270a.gbk
      * Thiopeptides_I.BGC0000605_GE37468.gbk
      * Thiopeptides_I.BGC0000613_thiomuracin.gbk
      * Thiopeptides_I.BGC0001155_GE2270.gbk
      * Thiopeptides_II.BGC0000614_thiostrepton.gbk
      * Thiopeptides_II.BGC0000655_siomycin.gbk
      * Thiopeptides_III.BGC0000608_nocathiacin.gbk
      * Thiopeptides_III.BGC0000609_nocathiacin.gbk
      * Thiopeptides_III.BGC0000610_nosiheptide.gbk
      * Thiopeptides_IV.BGC0000612_thiocillin_I.gbk
      * Thiopeptides_IV.BGC0000628_lactocillin.gbk
      Save for minor differences in the alignment files (which depend on MAFFT), output is the same.
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