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(partly) rewriting homology grouping for neo4j version 5

This merge requests partly refactors and rewrites the class to make it work with neo4j version 5. The main reason for the current implementation not working with neo4j version 5 is that nodes can no longer be shared across transactions and it is too database heavy to do everything in one transaction. The here proposed way of solving it is by creating a class MrnaNode that holds all necessary information needed to perform homology grouping and only do transactions to 1) obtain all proteins (in mRNA nodes), and 2) write the homology group things (similarity relationships between mRNA nodes and homology group nodes). In theory, this should increase the speed of homology grouping on network disks too.

Still TODO:

  • Make this branch compile.
  • Write correct homology groups.
  • Make homology grouping identical to latest release.
Edited by Workum, Dirk-Jan van

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